Time is drawing to a close for the end of the month of November, a month of awareness of Pancreatic Cancer throughout the World , which at Artie Craftie we have supported. This is one of the many charities that we have supported since the opening of Artie Craftie last June in the World Heritage town of Blaenavon.

Every night during November our shop has been a blaze of purple this has been the second year of support but the first for us to keep our purple lights on every night during November ! The highlight of this month for us has to be the Purple Butterfly of Hope Ball at the Celtic Manor Hotel in Newport that helped raise awareness within Wales and further afield and some much needed funds for Pancreatic Cancer. Our purple Blorenge sheep, was bought by our local MPNick Thomas-Symonds, he vowed he would use him to promote Pancreatic Cancer through social media. Using images of his purple sheep which has now been named "Empurple", meaning to make or become more purple, in different locations, has certainly lived up to his promise!!

So over the last few weeks Empurple has travelled to London and back a few times and during this travels met some interesting folk and even got into places that we will never get into. Thanks to Nick's social media antics with Empurple he has help raised awareness of this horrible cancer that makes so many people all over the world lose love ones in a very short time.


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We now look forward to continuing our support of Pancreatic Cancer and to help give far more awareness leading up to next November..


And finally the words by Alexander Wharton that hit the hearts of so many folk over this month of November


The Power of Purple

­­Purple is the colour of the poem that I read

Purple is the colour of the power to succeed

Purple for the purpose brings attention

and reaction

If purple makes you wonder, then I'll wear it

With satisfaction


Being hard for it to notice

Makes it harder for diagnosis

Education is the key

To keep the gems of our society


So help to raise Awareness,

This knowledge, it can change us

Purple Power is an answer

To beating Pancreatic Cancer




Good wishes

Nick and Wendy