Our 7 magnificent reasons to visit Blaenavon this autumn


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Have you visited our home town packed full of industrial heritage and historic attractions ?

Here are Artie’s magnificent seven reasons to visit Blaenavon this autumn:


1. Visit the historic ironworks.

Ironmaking began in Blaenavon in 1787. At its peak in 1845, the works produced more than 35,000 tons of iron using coal and steam technology. Now, you can see the remains of the furnaces, ironworkers’ cottages in Stack Square, and find out how one of the most important industrial sites in the world worked – More information

2.Try some mouth-watering local food.

Buy cheese matured hundreds of feet underground in Big Pit from the Blaenafon Cheddar Company.  Blaenavon’s Vin Sullivan’s  supplies exotic meats, fish, seafood, seaweed, and caviar - you can also order their products for your home cooking. Or you could enjoy a meal at  The Lion Hotel – followed by a relaxing treatment in their health suite.

3.Visit Big Pit.

The National Mining Museum of Wales is visited by more than 150,000 people a year. Free tours include a trip underground in the footsteps of the miners who worked the colliery – with former miners as guides.  find out more here

4. Walk the Blorenge.

Get some fresh, autumnal air on the magnificent 1,841 feet high Blorenge mountain at the summit. Its heather moorland has been declared a site of special scientific interest, an important breeding ground for red grouse. Its peak also gives stunning views, and its thermals are perfect for paragliders.

5.Check out local public art and heritage.

Visit the fine bronze statue of Welsh rugby legend Ken Jones in Blaenavon, and find out the story of the town and its people at  Blaenavon Community Museum

6.Come to local events.

Blaenavon’s Heritage Railway stages spooky, Halloween events and Santa specials. Find out more here face Book page for Blaenavon's Heritage Railway

There are also concerts and film screenings at the Workmen's Hall 

7.Visit me in my purple shop!

Artiesays: “We’ll give you a warm welcome! Come and get inspired for your next creative project. Our shop is full of art and craft materials. "Find us here "


You can also go to our our on line store for your craft supplies.

Use the promotional code ARTIE 10 in our online store Artie Craftie Direct to get 10% off everything you order – for orders over £30 on your first purchase.



Nick Wendy and Artie look forward to seeing you very soon !



Artie Craftie returns to Hochanda

My return visit to Hochanda TV being craftie for the Creativ Company has happened and I appeared on six live shows over two days. I was co-presenting with Leonie, Alex, Charlie and MattTL leonie TR Alex BL Charlie BR MAtt

After discussions with the Buyer from Hochanda and Sales Director for Creativ about which products to feature it was decided that on these shows we would demonstrate glass and concrete probably a first for Craft Concrete. Quite an unusual combination of mediums I hear you say but just wait until you see what I created. I was given free rein to let my imagination flow and I must confess the workroom at Artie Craftie become a work in progress site for several days but it was worth it.

Concrete suddenly took the shape of a flower pot holder by mixing it and shaping it over a container covered in Jute, candle holders and plant containers using decoupage boxes.   I even made an original ornament by putting the concrete over a balloon which was then popped and gently peeled out and then painted in a gorgeous metallic paint to make it shine.


The candle holders and bottles took on a beautiful hue of colours from the glass paint range to enhance the light from the candles and create interesting containers for oils or to make a flowers display. I used a lovely selection of card, mosaic, glass and buttons and incorporated silk clay into the designs to make them individual.



All of these can be displayed around the home and it is so much nicer to be able to say “I made it myself” and they can also be used for table decorations for a wedding or special occasion to make it more personal.

Like what you see? Then take a look at our new e commerce website that contains over 12,000 Creativ lines called artiecraftiedirect.co.uk and you too can purchase all the components to make them or just popin to Artie Craftie in Blaenavon and we have some of them for you take away and try.

Have fun and let your creative juices flow.

Nick's debut on Hochanda TV

Last February Wendy and I made our annual trip to see what's new within the craft markets at Stitches at the NEC. It's the largest craft trade show in Europe that all our suppliers are at and it's a fab place to catch up them and see new ideas for the coming year.

At last year's show I was approached by a company who wanted me to demonstrate their Cake craft on "The Craft Channel" So off I went for a screen test and got the part, but after a couple of weeks the The Craft Channel dropped the idea of selling Cake craft so I didn't get  onto TV..

So this year a little deja vu happened when we were on the Creativ stand, a Company that has supported Artie Craftie from day one with a product range that has inspired our customers creativity who love the quality and ideas that Creativ offer, so when the MD of Creativ Michael came over to talk to us on the stand I simply couldn't believe my ears when he said "I'd like you to be one of the faces of Creativ on Hochanda" - the latest and most creative craft program on TV. I visited Hochanda in Peterborough and did a 10 minute screen test demonstrating how to decoupage a box, that day I was successful and was asked to do some live shows.

Well that moment came with two live shows broadcasted with Leonie Pujol, but if you think going on a live program means just turning up a few hours before you're mistaken. I spent the best part of three days sorting out and preparing my very first TV craft demo's with the thought of every part of the demo's and samples looking at their best. Then a long drive to Peterborough the night before staying in a fab Hotel with the knowledge of waking up in the morning not knowing what was about to happen made me feel quite nervous and very excited at the same time.

I arrived at the studio at nine, signed in at the desk, read and signed the health and safely leaflet, walked down to the back stage workshop and collected a trolley to get my samples that I had brought for the shows from the car. What a buzz in two hours I would be doing my very first live TV show. Walking back though the main office everyone seemed happy and spoke to me. I was then met by the stage floor manager and we started to discuss the contents of the two shows and how we were going to display them.

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At 10.00 I had my first meeting with the Director and Producer along with Leonie where we discussed outline plans and contents for the shows, then I went with Leonie to the "Green room" for some one to one chats to get to know each other, after all she was leading the show with a new guest me!


Leonie made me feel at ease and five minutes before the show we went into the studio, I will admit with my heart beating a little more than normal. We put our mics on and discussed where I was to stand behind the set with the studio manager and camera man ready for the countdown to begin, as they might say before my big moment - Lights, Camera, action then the green light went on and we were live. Leonie had said it would be over in a flash and an hour later, after lots of banter, interesting conversion and demo's completed my first show was over and what a thrill it gave me and that afternoon we did over again. Well now that is history and won't be forgot in a hurry.

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The outcome was successful and I have been invited back at the end of May for six more live shows over two days and I can't wait to tell you more. Nick 


Sweet Dixie @ Artie Craftie in Blaenavon



Artiesays...it's been a bit of time since we wrote a blog..

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So when Sue Dix the designer of Sweet Dixie dies sent us a email. Thanks for your email Sue I thought I share some of the content's and photo's with you after all Sweet Dixie is selling very well at Artie Craftie and has become our fastest growing craft brand within our shop in Blaenavon.

We are very proud to be stockists and are customers love the quality and prices that are offered within this fabulous range of paper craft products..

Sue mentions in her email that she has been preparing for her shows on the Craft Channel for the past few weeks and spent one day there this week filming for the new Mini Dies that are soon to be on our shelves in Mid April when they are on general release and I already know that our customers at Artie Craftie simply can't wait for these to arrive nor can we

Any way Sue thought that you would like to know more about the person behind Sweet Dixie.. and in my eyes a hats must go off to Sue for her achievement that now is becoming a Star within the Craft industry.


   image1 1  A little bit about me :- as she says 

I was born in Chesham, Buckinghamshire and still live here with my husband. I'm a lifelong artist and crafter, and was encouraged by my mother who couldn't draw, but loved crafts of many kinds and she had me knitting and sewing from around 5 years of age, or so she used to tell me!

I've always loved drawing and painting and studied art to A level but didn't go to university.

I worked for 9 years for Nat West Bank but was never really happy there, so I deci

ded to take some time off before looking for some part time work.

During this time I decided to do some painting on pebbles and slates to sell at a local craft fair. On the strength of this one fair I was offered 2 more and ended up selling my painted it
ems and handmade cards full time at craft fairs. That was  almost 30 years ago now and I still do a few each year!

Around 15 - 17 years ago I was asked by a Craft Creations to paint some pictures for them to use to make prints for 3-D decoupage. I painted around 30 images for them which they sold for many years, though sadly recently have discontinued. I

also designed a few sheets of Peel offs for them too.

Just over 10 years ago, Dawn Bibby saw some of my work and put me in touch with Personal Impressions who took me on as a stamp designer.
Then almost exactly 3 years ago Personal Impressions asked me if I would like to design

a range of dies for them and the Sweet Dixie Die range was born! And the rest as they say is history.




Sue is a inspiration to all us crafter's who want to take their passion of craft to next level..and thanks to Dawn Bibby who saw that creative flair and passion that now is the Sweet Dixie brand that we love so much.


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We look forward to welcoming you at Artie Craftie very soon !!

                           Nick, Wendy and Artie